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Praise Be To the Universe!

It is amazing how absolutely elated I am because I just spied a free parking spot in the parking lot before my building--the lot was all filled when I got home and every time I checked the window since I got home. So I raced (or kind of hobbled speedily because my knee is hurting) down the stairs to my car down the block, looking over my shoulder constantly lest the spot be taken before I reach my chariot, got in, drove safely but quickly, and parked in the miraculous spot before any one else got to it. Score!!!

OK, I do have good reason for my demented joy this time: I have to take Moo to the vet for her yearly checkup first thing in the morning, and I was not looking forward to boxing her, leaving her, going down to get the car and parking with blinkers in front of the building and running back up to bring her down on a very cold morning and the extra 10 minutes that could involve--sucky for both of us. So my life just became soooooo much BETTER! I have brought down a mastodon and now my tribe will not go hungry! I am an awesome slayer of parking spots!!!

But it is really amazing the amount of stress and relief there is in my life over finding the rare specimen of a close parking spot after 4pm. Days are sometimes planned around this quest, especially before an early morning with things to carry out, and most especially before trips and vet appointments. Some days I get home in the evening expecting the worst (OMG!!!) and I will have to park across the main street, or I'm coming home with groceries and will have to put on my blinkers and park the car in front of the building, get the groceries all upstairs in a couple of trips, and then move my car to that Distant Land of Utter Dejection--oh the agony! And then sometimes I come home late, with no expectations, no glimmer of hope, and I have to pull all the way into the parking lot because there is no way to see if all spots are taken without driving all the way in, and then dulcet voices sing forth and THERE IS A SPOT OPEN BEYOND ALL HOPE!!!! And all of a sudden I am sooo happy!

This is my eternal quest. Not unlike my fervent prayers that the coin washer and dryer in the basement will be free when I need it. Life is so strange and filled with unexpected struggles, torments, and joys. Just thought I'd share.

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