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Tucson and Back to Reality Again

I had a great trip for a couple of days visiting my awesome and lovely best friend[personal profile] mererid. She picked me up in Phoenix and drove me down to Tucson to stay with her and her excellent partner R and their exuberant and well-coddled quaker parrot, Baby. Sunday we drove into the Tucson Mountains southwest of town to the Tucson Desert Museum.

There we saw nicely landscaped local flora, and fauna in enclosures, but I especially enjoyed seeing the fauna not in enclosures, and I'll show you lots more pics in another post. My hobbit dolls had fun there, too. We also drove around some of the neighborhoods of Tucson and its signature murals.

Monday, we drove to the foothills of the Catalina Mountains and Mt Lemmon, northeast of town and took the Sabino Canyon tram ride and hiked around little waterfalls in a desert oasis. My favorite meal, of all the good food we had, was at Mother Hubbard's, a native food restaurant, for breakfast where I had the yummiest cornbread and cinnamon waffles, bacon, a hard won hard boiled egg (the wait person was very grumpy about it), and the most delicious decaf even a non-connoisseur coffee drinker like me noticed. We spent the evening watching a couple of movies I hadn't seen. One was by lbilover's rec, Temple Grandin, which [personal profile] mererid saw before, but because she is a big Claire Danes fan, she wanted to see it again, and then we watched Little Miss Sunshine, which I hadn't seen before, and I really enjoyed both. It was just so nice sitting around together and watching movies.

This wonderful time got cut short when I got an email before bed that my uncle was in the hospital for a foot infection and they then found out he has a colon tumor. The surgery for the tumor is this Saturday. Also I started coming down with a bug then, which I still have so a crappy tense night. I feel more reconciled now that I will not be able to go up to see him this weekend. His surgery is Saturday, and there's no way of knowing when he will be awake after it, or if the doctors could speak to me or even know anything yet for the couple of hours I would be able to be there if I did the 6 hour drive up, which wouldn't be good for either of us with me sick. So I'm just calling a couple of times a day and sitting tight for now--he has good friends who are neighbors who are visiting him and I've got to hope that their catching it before he felt symptoms is a good thing.

And I had TSA hijinx coming home. I was a little delayed on the way out as they examined my shampoo bottles and such--all the requisite 3 oz. But on the way back they were confused by my hot-flash gel cooling pad and couldn't classify it, so naturally the thing to do was to give me a total pat down--our tax dollars at work keeping us safe from evil menopausal crones. I asked to do it there in public because I didn't want to be left in a little room, and if anyone got turned on watching a fat 53 year old getting a pat down, they were welcome to their fun. As usual, I find it is really necessary to leave at least 2 hours time to get through the airport without being pressed for time.

A day of scary tornado watches, warnings, and thunder storms yesterday was good for staying in bed half the day trying to sleep off this bug. I called my uncle and his neighbors, unpacked, put everything away, and sorted what needed to go in the laundry, and that was all I was up to. And I feel very lucky I was flying home Tuesday and not yesterday. Luckily I could stay in today and tomorrow teleworking with purry kitties--just not up to going anywhere. I'm woefully behind on commenting on your entries--I'm keeping up reading where I can.

[personal profile] mererid was the best host and I miss hanging with her. So I had 2 really nice days before reality struck with a vengeance and we're off to the races again. Please send your best thoughts to my uncle getting through this.

I hope everyone here impacted by the blizzards and storms yesterday came though well.

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