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Desert Museum Critters

They kept moving around my uncle's surgery day, but he got through his surgery well this afternoon, and I talked briefly to him this evening. That's a relief. And my cold is finally moving on, and my lower leg is feeling better, too.

Last Sunday, [personal profile] mererid took me to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, sort of a mix of a botanical garden and a zoo. We only walked around a little more than half of it, but still saw a lot. My favorite critter viewing was of those who hung around free outside the enclosures, like this hummingbird:

This barn owl was hanging out with his/her human at the entrance to the grounds.

A local squirrel totally unphased by the humans.

I loved the ticked/agouti fur.

An elegant bird--can you identify this one?

A lovely lizard popped out in front of us, I think a kind of iguana, but I'm not sure which.

Ready for a close up.

Here's the mountain lion you saw already--in a an enclosure that I wish was bigger. That the kitty would come up to pace by the window meant more room was needed.

Here s/he's hanging out on the other side--it was very nicely landscaped, so there was some vertical ground to cover. Head-tilt for the win!

A couple of pretty, sleepy wolves in their enclosure. But if you have to be in an enclosure, you should get pillows, and fluffy beds--it seems only fair and to hell with keeping it natural looking when it is not.

More critters, landscape, and flowers in another post.

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