Lavender Took (lavendertook) wrote,
Lavender Took

Happy Middle-earth New Year!

And who is more deserving of a vacation on the anniversary of the ring's destruction than Bingo or Frodo and Sam, I ask you? They quite enjoyed their time at the Arizona-Senora Desert Museum and strolling about. They especially enjoyed playing with the porpoises. What the hell are porpoises doing in the Arizona Desert, you ask? Don't think the porpoises don't' ask that very question every single day. Befriending the javelinas was a special treat. The javelina had fun taking them for a tour of the grounds. Until a desert dragon asked for a turn to show them around. Their new dragony friend was sad to see the hobbits leave. And once again a fox wondered what hobbits were doing here. Which was a nice change from wondering about the porpoises. Happy New Year, RingDay and Tolkien Reading day! Also posted at with comment count unavailablecomments
Tags: b/s, bingo doll adventures, fauna, hobbits, lotr, tucson
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