Lavender Took (lavendertook) wrote,
Lavender Took

My Fetching Grrl

Seven months now, and I'm missing my Saki so much. I just see her everywhere--just expecting her to walk up with tail held high, eyes meeting mine, and making greeting chirps.

I promised [personal profile] mews1945 some pics of Saki fetching. So here she is bringing back a cough drop in its wrapper that I threw for her. She's almost 3 here, when we were living in the old efficiency. I'm so glad she only spent half her life there and I was able to move us to this one bedroom with more views.

Saki only fetched things consistently I'd throw her first couple of years, though she did a certain amount of carrying toy mice and balls around. Throughout most of her life, however, she would pick up in her mouth her mylar/feather stick by the feathers and mylar ribbons and drag it over to me, the stick trailing along side her, begging me to circle it around for her then bat it against my slippered foot so she could throw herself on the floor and maul my slipper while chewing on the feathers and ribbons. That was her lifelong favorite game.

I told Tuxie last evening I was missing Saki and asked him if he was missing her, and he uncharacteristically licked my hand. I think he understood.

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