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Vintage Saki (with bonus Milli)

I've scanned in a few more pics of young Saki. Ten months without her. So very missed.

Saki was a wide-eyed girl. She totally had a koala bear nose until her face blended more in her last years, increasing her beauty. I loved how her paws had a shimmery frosted white outline and varied between cool gray and warm brown--so lovely. Less poetically I'd sometimes describe her basic point color as dryer lint. Her peachy-orange patches got a little more vivid in her last years.

She loved, loved, loved having her collar put on, so she wore it more than was necessary. We came to have a ritual time in the morning, when I'd put it on saying to her in a bad French accent, "Here is a beautiful collar, for a beautiful girl" and she would blink and hood her eyes and purr while I fastened it.

And she was always quite the weird little imp, my clown.

She and Milli are sparring here. After the initial period of a few months that went badly between them, once they acclimated to each other they play-fought really well together, never pushing things too far where I had to break them up. They were good sisters to each other, though Saki was often the annoying little sister who intruded on Milli's space ("Hey Milli! Whatcha doing?") which would result in Milli scampering off.

Saki and Milli sitting companionably, mostly, in proximity. Milli of the many beautiful colors.

Adorably asleep. Toesies!!! She had silvery plum to cocoa toe beans.

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