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Here I Go to Save the Day!

OK, I did it. I've volunteered to serve my country.

I'm now on a waitlist to fly out at the end of the month to a hot place with palm trees that has been undergoing cataclysmic conditions, and where the holding of free elections is in doubt. I hope I can help get rid of the bad man in charge who has weapons of mass destruction.

No, I'm not talking about Iraq, silly!

Florida! I'm talking about Florida. I signed up with Emily's List to fly down and help get Democratic voters to the polls.

Along with me, will go my trusty companion Bingo. Bush doesn't stand a chance now! THAT SUCKER IS GOING DOWN! Jeb better not mess with us, that's all I can say.

Now I've got to see if I can get an absentee voter application on Tuesday. There's no problem with getting the days off at work and my supervisors' blessings--I love where I work, very lucky me. Now to get a hold of the cat sitter, and see how the wait list for the flight goes. Whoosh!

In other news, I'm sick with some puny virus and it's a beautiful holiday weekend, so meh on that. Dissertating at a snail's pace, but that's better than none--we'll see what I can get done on tomorrow's day off. Whee!
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