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One Year Post-Saki

I lost my Saki a year ago tonight. No, it's not so sharp anymore--she belongs to the past now. I so miss her bright sparkle in my life, but I'm so grateful she made it to 17 and I had 16 good years with her.

I think this is my favorite pic of her: Smiling Saki Owning her Mouse and Me.

I've uploaded below a 4 pic pre-digital fight sequence with her best sparring partner, her big sis Milli, who left several years before her. Maybe they are having fun sparring even now in a sunny corner in Primroses:

Mill and Saki: The Challenge.

Milli and Saki: Slappy Paws!

Milli and Saki: Over and Out for Milli. You will notice the little "Love" and "Peace" pillows hanging over the combatants. Yes.

Milli and Saki: Saki Holds the Field, as Usual. The annoying little sister, looking so very innocent.

Below are a dozen more favorite pics

Cagey Saki 3/07
Cagey Saki, enjoying her chin scritch.

Seriously Saki, 3/07
Seriously Saki.

Power Box Saki. How she loved her plastic crates, her pirate ship, the purple Hork and all of her fine vessels. She loved to jump in them, and be carried and swung about in them.

Captain Saki the Very Fierce, with her cutlass.

Saki Content, 10-5-11
Saki Content.

Saki Looking Up, 2-2011
Saki Looking Up--such a cute little bun.

Saki loving her gift from Claudia 12-17-09
Saki Loving her Wool Blankie from Claudia.

Saki & Tuxie 2,  3/10
Saki and Her Tuxie, who she doesn't quite trust, for good reason, but owns him anyway, sitting on Claudia's blankie together. Oh, Tuxie loved his Saki. We both miss you, baby girl.

Bag Endses AND Samses are mine now; my blue eyeses are bigger!  1/4/09
Sam and Another Blue-eyed Master of Bag End.

Saki Paws 12/07
Velvet Paws that held my hand.

Saki in scritch-bliss 12/07
Saki, Sunlight, and Scritch-Bliss. It was bliss to scritch that little head.

Sleeping Saki 3/07
Rest in Peace, sweetest, beloved Saki. Always present in my heart as long as I am here. You were the brightest star. So very, very missed.

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