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Lavender Took

BWI Protest Against Muslim Refugee and Immigrant Ban

Back from the Baltimore Washington International Airport (BWI) protest, and very tired and late for bed, but very glad I went and made my own sign this time. This was another high-spirited and peaceful protest of about 2000 people, with a nice split level effect, and shrubberies, too. I will post many more pics, along with the Annapolis rally from last week another day, hopefully; that's if Trump would just slow down wth the horridness a little so I'm not going to five more protests by next weekend . . .


And thank you to [personal profile] lbilover for the lovely icon.

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Tags: citizenship, freedom, immigration, politics, racism
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So proud of you.

*tucks you in*
*beams* Thank you for the support. (-:

I so want sleep. *is happily tucked*
I love your icon! And thanks for sharing the picture. :)
Thank you and it was made by lbilover, so I hope she sees your comment. You're welcome. (-:
Good for you. What is happening is appalling. I can't go to protests but I'm signing petitions.
It's horrible and I'm os mad at the Americans who put us in this position. So understood about not being able to go--I can only go to ones that are not too big and where I know there is access to bathrooms and places to rest and recuperate. A couple of years ago I wouldn't have been able to do this at all. So do what you can.
Thank you C for standing up! T cannot prevail against all of us.
You're welcome, bb. No, but he can whine that it is AAAAALLL our fault! There wouldn't be problems in the airports if it weren't for us loser protesters with our annoying signs and coodie-filled pussy hats! Bad!
Thank you for participating!
You're welcome! (-:
You've been fighting a good fight. Look at all the people there!
Thank you, bb. They're saying we were more than 2000. It's tiring and energizing at the same time.
You know, there's a part of me that wonders if Trump becoming president might turn out to be a good thing in the end. It has galvanized this country and united us in a way I've not seen since the 60s. A sleeping giant has been woken and I don't think is going back to sleep again. I'm not kidding myself that it'll be easy or always peaceful, but we've been sunk in apathy too long and that's why we ended up here. Vive la resistance!!
I think that's possible too. It's finally gotten Americans out in the streets. And much more widespread than the Occupy movement. I think all the local marches and protests are more important than the central ones--it's the grassroots and local actions but on a wide scale that we need--e pluribus unum. It's the opposite of the way the Republicans have been trying to decentralize things by putting everything on the states and do a divide and conquer. Instead, we are working as a coordinated federation, like the founders meant--with local actions working nationally in concert together. But yeah, this won't feel so good when they turn the bullets on us. It could go either way. We can't predict the future currents. But yes, Vive la resistance!!!

And I hope you've seen that I've been getting compliments on your icon and one friend gacked it and credited you. (-:
Go, you!!

I owe you comments. I am soon behind. But I"m glad you are back with us! (-: