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I was supposed to go into HQ today, but I came down with a bug last night, so fed the cats in the morning, called my supervisor, and slept until early afternoon. Then I teleworked for a few hours with my organic space heater Tuxie scrunched next to me on the couch, and Moo not far away. I've been getting sick a lot the last several weeks with weakness, aches, and runny nose, but this one comes with a low fever and chills, just to be extra-special. Being able to telework and kitties make it better, though. I cancelled my breast MRI appt for tomorrow and rescheduled it for next week--good plan since my fever has been inching up a little all day. I plan to sleep a little later tomorrow and then telework, depending on what the fever decides to do.

Everyday the news is filled with new horrors. The road to impeaching Buttercup is opening up, but what will come behind him isn't any better--it's whether you want your horrors chaotically broadcasted, or slower, quieter horrors.

There have been ICE raids in Highlandtown, Baltimore--the agents wear jackets saying police, which is so misleading--and there was a big protest on Sunday, but I wasn't up to going,and probably won't be up for the ones coming up. But as my friend P says, this is a marathon, not a sprint, so there will, unfortunately, be plenty more opportunities to help, and every week is a good week to call one's legislators (unless you live in DC and don't get any representation, so you are pretty screwed). My state is kind of awesome. Go Attorney General Frosh! Go Maryland!

Sorry I haven't been posting much--I want to post more pics, but most of what I have to say lately isn't uplifting. Except for my fluffy cats! Go cats!

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Oh, I'm sorry you're sick. I hope with rest and kitty therapy you're better asap. It's so great that you can telework. *hugs*

This ICE raids are terrifying. :-((((
Thank you, bb. I'm better, but still on the tired side. Telework sure does help supplement our meager leave time *non-buggie hugs* How are things going with your treatment? I hope it's not sapping too much of your energy.

My delegate to state senate help a meeting on immigration and bills in to protect them in the cafe around the corner from me this morning and it was standing room only--I live in a very blue place, and that helps.
Go cats go!!

I'm sorry the buggies have been finding you so often. Darn them! The ability to telework is such an awesome and necessary perk. I still can't figure out why so few of us were allowed to do it at my previous job. I was actually more productive working from home than I ever was at the office with all its constant distractions.
Thank you, bb. Yes, telework does help. On the admin's side, it's about paying for less office space.
Hope you're feeling better soon. We are all just sick sick sick.

I think there's an immigration demonstration on for this weekend at a detention center where this guy is being held in Seattle.
Thank you--still draggy. I'm sorry you're still sick too. *hugs*

I went this morning to a meeting my delegate held at the New Deal Cafe around the corner . It was on immigration and what our state was doing to protect rights--it was packed and standing room only.
So sorry you're feeling poorly. "Buttercup" is stressing folks out from coast to coast & making illness an everyday occurrence. I hear the CIA are after him tho and they usually get their man.

Anyway relax today.
I hope they do--but could they take out Pence, McConnell, and Ryan with him?

Thank you, dear.
I'm sorry to hear you're not feeling well. I hope you're better soon.

You're state is kind of awesome. Go Maryland!
Thank you, my friend. Better, but still draggy.

And I live in a very blue town in a pretty blue state, so it is a good place and I am grateful for that.