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LotR Art and Music and Politics on the Hill

Last night I went to Alan Lee's book signing in Arlington. He showed slides of some of his exquisitely lovely conceptual sketches for the LotR movies. And he showed one sketch for The Hobbit, which he is hoping is going to happen for Peter Jackson--as are we all. He's also going to come out with a book of some of his sketches next year which I'm looking forward to. I saw lalenya there and talked with a guy descended from British clergy VIPs whose father had Tolkien as his godfather. Of course, I inquired if he knew anything about the Tolkien kids' stuffed koalas. He didn't, but he had a pair of stuffed koalas named after Evelyn Waugh characters as a kid--you wanted to know that.

Today, I took off work and went to this conference in the Dirksen Senate Office Bldg behind the Capitol Bldg; C-Span was there filming it all. I gave copies of my essay on the media coverage of the vote irregularities--that none of you have read because it's too fucking long--to senators and assorted Important People and left a bunch of copies on the info desk that all got snapped up, so I did My Part--in shy and dorky mode but looking like a Respectable Person in my corporate weeds. If I get a chance I might type up the notes I took today. What was clear today is that lots of people have found that our voting system is busted, but they're trying to be all Respectable and Non-Partisan about it and the people who could be Partisan won't do anything (i.e., hello Kerry campaign!)--because no one wants to acknowledge that the system is working perfectly for the people who are on top.

So I'm feeling frustrated about things, which is how I think people who aren't usually on Capitol Hill wind up feeling after they've made a visit, and I'm exhausted, so maybe I'll feel more feisty about things tomorrow. And I know the Kerry campaign is getting kinda sorta involved now in Ohio, but I've learned that the Ohio vote count might have been slowed because of their inaction, so I'm second guessing that their going under the radar until more evidence turns up might have sucked as a strategy afterall.

Anyway, I got a good free sandwich and cookie for lunch there, and a good bumper sticker, so what the hey. After the conference I window-shopped at Union Station to unwind and had a yummy spinach pie for dinner in the food court. So that was my Adventure today.

Tomorrow night I go to Baltimore to hear the LotR symphony performed, and if the traffic and parking ordeal isn't too scarring, I will have a wonderful time. Busy, busy week not getting to work on dissertation--must hole-up this weekend.
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