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Hello history.

Wow! I'm going downtown to the protest before the Senate Bldgs tomorrow, and it will indeed be an interesting day. The summary of Rep. Conyer's report is here. You can find your senators' contact addy's here if you want to urge them to stand with Conyers. I heard back from one of mine--doesn't sound like we can count on him. And I just saw a report via mererid that Sen. Boxer has said that if enough people ask her, she will stand with them, so I'm gonna ask before logging off tonight.

Here's what I've been sending out to my senators :

I urge you to stand with Rep. Conyers in challenging the certification of the electoral vote on January 6, 2005. Voting irregularities have been verified and without a properly conducted recount, which has not yet occurred, I cannot accept the results in Ohio and New Mexico. It would be a travesty to the practice of democracy if members of the House of Representatives' Black Caucus stood alone again, as they did in 2000. Thank you.

Then next week is fannishness for me in LA. (-:
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