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Musical Treat!

I had the bestest evening going to The Birchmere in Alexandria to see The Roches, whose harmonies were just fabulous to hear live. Suzzy's stories are very amusing, as you would expect, very much in a Tommy Smothers sort of style. Highlights were their rendition of the Hallelujah Chorus, Want Not, Anyway (one of their new ones), and their last encore which I didn't know the title of Yakketty-Yak, maybe?--very fun.

It's been several years since I've gone to the Birchmere--they were in a smaller place then, but it's still a wonderfully relaxing venue for a concert since you get to sit at tables and have food and drink brought to you during the concert--a proper hobbity way to enjoy music. I was so glad to get in as I wasn't able to get an advanced ticket.

And I found at their shop that Kate Bush's new cd is out that I've been looking forward to--I nabbed the only copy there. So woooot! And I also bought a cd of Steeleye Span's--who I saw many years ago in Chapel Hill--I only have one other of their albums on cd. So a veeeery musically satisfying evening for me--first I've had in a long time.

And sometime this weekend I'll go to see Narnia--I know Tilda Swinton is going to be wonderful, and many of you, my flist-mates, are raving about the film already, so I'm looking forward to it--what a treatful weekend!

In other news, fafblog is wonderful as ever with a fine explanation of Bushonomics.
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