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Fluff for a Better Future

I went out with some women from my Greenbelt Pride group last night to go see the just released lesbian romance, Imagine You & Me. OK, it was very predictable and no Oscar winner, but I loved it. Every thing's better with two gorgeous women in love in it, right? I think so. (-:

Three of the women I went with I've met before. C is a lovely hoot. She elaborated to us on the fashion crimes of lesbians in some Maryland bars, which had me giggling and lightly scolding her about the problem of putting fashion pressure on other women--'twas funny. It was nice to drive back from such a schmaltzy sweet movie with her in the back chirping about her wedding plans with her partner, along with S and L, who are an adorable couple, talking about theirs and their honeymoon plans.

It's been a while since I've had a night out with other queer grrls and that felt good. The fourth women is very cute, single, and lives around the corner. Um. I emailed her to see if she wants to go for coffee sometime this week. Wish me luck!

******SPOILERS FOR IMAGINE YOU & ME**************

It was mainly a fluff movie, with trite tropes of love at first sight--like what do people have against love at eleventh sight, huh?--and everyone is unrealistically and uniformly nice, but some of what gave it a lack of verisimilitude was actually a nice fantasy strength. It was a lovely fantasy to have no one react homophobically to Rachel and Luce's lesbianism, and there is some real work done by such fantasies.

It was also nice that Hector was so cute and nice--Rachel left him solely because she loved Luce, not because she was fleeing from a patriarchal jerk as in Fire and Leeana(if I got that last title right--it's been a while since I saw that one). The three characters in the triangle were all doing their best to do no harm to each other, which really isn't an overly used trope.

And lastly the way they handled child sexuality was kind of lovely and risky, if the audience reaction was any indication. I heard people draw in a breath when the little girl asked Luce if she was going to get married and Luce told her she's gay and explained what that means--and this is a DC crowd. so that was a risk to present to an American audience. This was immediately following a scene that was half played for cutes and half to satirize the love at first sight trope as the little girl fell in love at first sight with a little boy. The little girl then responded to Luce that she still planned to marry her best girlfriend, and that Luce's confession was no big deal to her. At the end of the movie, the little girl comforts Hector that if he's still lonely in ten years she'll marry him, so it was nice and fluid and easy about children's view of sexuality in the nonhomophobic and flexible world of sexuality the movie presented. And that really isn't trite at all.

A cleverer script could have pushed out what triteness was there, but the charming actors did the best they could with it. Anthony Stewart Head was, of course, a delightful absent minded father. And yeah, Piper Perabo and Lena Headey are really hot. But I just wanted to show above that there really are more reasons to like the fantasy the movie presents than for the hotness and predictable happy ending. And since there's such a history of lesbians in the media winding up crazy, villainous, or dead, and certainly never happily ever after, the predictable happy ending ain't all bad.
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