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If you were wondering . . .

. . . Damn. She was hot!

Eartha Kitt does indeed, if you had any doubt, still have it. She came out in a red velvet dress slit up to the hip to show legs that, from the perspective of desire or identity, I could kill for. From belting it out to whispered enunciation in multiple languages ending in purrs, eight decades and a cold hardly phased her at all--she had us all in the palm of her hand. Yeow.

And I met another LJ friend! The lovely seaya got a ticket and joined me so we could squee together over the incredible hotness that is Eartha Kitt, and we did. (-:

In other news, I had a fun homecoming after work today on the arrival of a package from the wonderful anneheart! Thank you, thank you, hun!! The adorable little koalas have already joined my action figures at the Inn where they're hanging out, and the pretty, sparkly pen is already sitting next to this keyboard. And I love Salada tea! What was the green thing though--was it something surprisy-jumpy? If so, um, I think I disarmed it. O_o :-D

Edit: seaya wrote up a more detailed account of the concert.
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