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Now I'm good. But yesterday and the day before were really bad. My sinuses and teeth got really painful and I figured 'tis the season with the pollens, plus the weather being really rough lately--changeable and unusually dry and windy. So, just as I was managing and getting over the foot pain, here was more stuff I figured. And being off from work to do dissertation work (yeah, right), I spent the day trying to arm my home against the elements in an effort to make myself less in pain--closed windows, turned on air, filled the tub and boiled water to up the humidity to normal, sat in the tub as it got worse, took more painkillers and sudafed, drank tea then stopped drinking tea because I realized tea can dry you out, so then downed water, and gargled with salt water.

I was better for a bit in the evening, did some cleaning and LJ, then it got worse again as an abscess grew in the roof of my mouth, just like it did a couple years ago--one of the most painful nights I had ever been through (I don't think I have it recorded so I want to have this one recorded if I need to look it up later.) I couldn't sleep with the pain, and then I spilled scalding water on my chest--yay. I bawled like a baby at that point I was so miserable. It was red and raw feeling, but not bad compared to my sinuses and teeth, which I was sure by then was sinus infection, and luckily by morning the red had gone and the chest felt fine, but the face didn't and the abscess was about the size of a super ball--it was a long night of getting to sleep for a few minutes then waking up to the pain again.

And then in the morning, I threw up after having juice and a banana. I called the doctor as soon as they opened and begged to be seen. It's luckily a short drive, and I got to see the PA after an hour, and she determined it was indeed an infection--what else could the superball in my mouth be? She gave me antibiotics and a steroid nasal spray and told me to get claritin D and take acetaminophen with it. I didn't get home and consume all this stuff until 11am.

Then I went to the podiatrist still feeling painfully crappy. That went
well though. She said I do have a bone spur in addition to the plantar fasciaitis, but a pretty small one compared with lots of people and that most people don't need surgery, and I wouldn't. She gave me stretches to do, told me to keep up with the padding I was doing and the pain killers for now, and come back in 3 weeks. If it's still hurting then, after keeping up these stretches, she'll give me a cortisone shot to loosen up the fascia. And she said I should be able to wear sandals this summer. So yay--this is fixable
without surgery--I just have to take care of it like I do my teeth and back now. I can do that.

Then I went home. I had some broccoli soup and my abscess broke and deflated. About 4 pm the pain all went away--yayayayay!!!! Then I took 3 hours of blissful, pain-free sleep and had a much better evening, and a good, long, night of sleep. Was a little groggy today with all the five million medicines I'm taking and not eating much due to the sore in my mouth being uncomfortable, but got much sorting done and some reading.

Maybe tomorrow they'll be done working on my car and it will be bashed-in-rear-end free again, and I'll pick it up. I've been driving a silver PT cruiser for the rental. In any event, I'm so fucked on making my chapter deadline on Monday though.

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