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Stray Cat Bloggin'

Here's more pics of the stray mom cat and kitten I'm looking after. Today Tuxie abandoned batting around a rhinoceros beetle he had when he saw the cord on my camera dangling, thus proving there is nothing in the great outdoors that can compare with a piece of string.

MooMoo and Tuxie MooMoo and Tuxie

Tuxie stretchin' Tuxie stretchin'

MooMoo Contemplative MooMoo Contemplative

Tail-up Tuxie Tail-up Tuxie

Moomoo Sitting Prim Moomoo Sitting Prim

Tuxie contemplating his tail Tuxie contemplating his tail

Lids kinda suck Lids kinda suck

We really wanna be house cats We really wanna be house cats

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