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Negative Kitties!!!!

. . . not as in attitude or matter composition, but as in free of feline leukemia and FHIV! I took the strays to the vet today for their neutering and inoculations, and their tests just came back and they're as healthy as they look and I'm just sooooo happy!!! I know I'm pitiful, but I've been worrying about this for weeks. Some good news, finally!!!! (-:

Keeping them inside in the big carrier went well last night--hauling it up the three flights of stairs went much smoother than I expected, and no kitty fights between the bars occurred, though Saki spent a good part of the evening lying on top of the carrier just to make a statement about her top cat status, and Milli spent the night under the bed. Moo and Tuxie curled up in their carrier and slept, Tuxie hiding his head under Moo until he relaxed a little, but they did fine, maybe the first time they've slept on lamb cushions. However, Saki and Milli were extremely pleased I came home alone from the vets this morning. We'll see how it goes when I bring the strays home tomorrow night--I have to keep Moo in a couple of nights to heal.

What a relief that they are illness free little fuzzballs--now to find them a home and all will be good. Just had to share the happiness--it's a simple life. (-; OK, back to work.
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