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Kitty Pic Help!

I have one cat rescue site thus far that has agreed to post pics of Moo and Tuxie. I have three pages of pics up here. If you have a couple of spare minutes, would you look through the gallery pages and tell me which you think is the Most-Adoptable pic of each of them? I'd so appreciate it.

Also, since there's a good chance I'm going to be looking after them for a while, since all the rescues in the area seem to be overflowing, maybe I should give them better names than the first descriptive ones that came to mind. Tuxie kind of fits him, but I'm thinking he's more of a Smeagol--other suggestions? And Moomoo just isn't right for her, despite her Holstein cow coloring--she hops like a bunny sometimes, but she walks, stretches her looong legs, and has a profile and eyeliner like an elegant Egyptian cat god--something her mustache distracts from being immediately apparent. I was thinking Mirabella, or Bella for short. Other ideas?
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