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Well, you don't get to have triple bypass and aortic replacement surgery everyday, now do you?

. . . which is what my dad is having tomorrow--a triple bypass and a bovine aortic valve replacement--we still don't know what time the surgery will be. My dad will be part cow from that day forth and I expect him to moo convincingly now.

After his catheterization Friday they admitted him to the hospital since they found the stenosis was so bad he could have a heart attack at any minute. So thank the gods for the anesthesiologist who called off the spinal surgery or he would most likely not have made it through the operation. We don't think much of the cardiologists who dissuaded him from the catheterization then told the anesthesiologist it was my dad who refused to have one before--we'll deal with them sometime later.

So I visited with my dad in the hospital Saturday and Sunday. His spirits are actually very good--he's happy to finally have things moving, even with the additional findings--for a while the med establishment left him in limbo and on his own. His room in the hospital also has a fantastic 8th floor view of the Philly skyline across the Delaware from NJ, so that helps too. We chided him for not coordinating this with a holiday so we could watch the fireworks from there. He's also enjoying chatting with people there, so he really is doing better than you could expect emotionally.

My mom is coping better now than she was when I arrived on Friday, though she locked herself out of the house when I was leaving, and we had to wait outside until my brother got out of the shower to hear the bell and answer the door. On top of all this, their phone went dead Friday night, and we didn't find out until we visited him Saturday morning that he had been trying to reach us and didn't have my mom's cell phone number or my brother's separate line number--and, of course, the phone company was supposed to come and repair it today and didn't. Plus their kitty Borie was in heat due to the wandering ovary the vet wasn't able to find when he spayed her, so she was uncomfortable and wailing to bring the roof down, poor thing . . and us.

So I came back home Sunday evening--the traffic on I-95 was horrendous each way, turning a 3 hour trip into a 5 hour, plus the stops I needed to do to stretch my foot. I'll go back up tomorrow evening--my brother will be with my mom tomorrow and we won't get to see him until Wednesday, anyway. Today I went into work for a little and then went to the dentist--having gotten squeezed in today instead of my Wednesday appointment, and got my crown glued back on. Tomorrow, I'll get a PT session in the morning to get my foot in shape for the journey, then go into work tomorrow for a couple of hours, then get my stuff together, and get the cats, indoor and out, fed before I go.

I also want to stop by the apple store on my way up because I can't figure out how to get wireless on my macbook--I thought it was supposed to connect automatically to the internet, and so it seems I'm stumped by the technology--what a surprise. I'd like to be able to entertain my dad with it in the hospital. How do you get on wireless networks? Do you have to sign up for them and pay for them?--I have no idea. I don't have a cell phone either, so I'm clueless on this technology.

I was happy to see that Moo and Tuxie did not freeze their little butts off while I was gone, as those were the coldest nights we had thus far. A neighbor put out friskies for them while I was gone. Tuxie did stay glued to my lap purring on the stoop Sunday night--he's gotten to be such a love. Tonight, the strays followed me all the way to the frickin' gym. I felt like I was a member of The Incredible Journey with little furry feet padding behind me all three damn blocks worth of distance--I guess I'm the labrador. I kept shooing them back and it didn't work--Tuxie raced up the steps to the gym before me. So, since I wasn't sure if this was familiar territory for them--it is the other side of the forest patch behind my apartment but they did nothing to make me sure they knew their whereabouts--nor could I be sure that they wouldn't get lost while I was in there swimming, I walked all the way back to the apartment building with my fuzzy stalkers. I went over to their food bowl and shook it until they both settled down to eat some more, then high-tailed it out of there and back to the gym. I kept checking over my shoulder, but luckily they stayed put this time.

If all goes well with the surgery I'll be back Thursday night.
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