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Move ON

We got a bunch of Republicans out of office the other day, and today, we got my dad out of the ICU, so it's shaping up to be a good November. Today he moved to the CCU (Cardiac Care Unit), which is where people who have heart surgery normally go post-op after 3 days in the ICU--my dad got 23 days in the ICU instead. He has a semi-private room in the CCU and a 4th floor view out of which he can see our town, Collingswood, in the distance. And a TV in which he can see disgruntled Republicans--both do his heart good. His spirits are up--now we have to get his strength restored. I'm looking forward to hearing his voice when I go up on Saturday.

Thank you to everyone who has sent words of support and well wishes. You've really bolstered me through a difficult time and I'm more grateful than I can say.
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