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Happy Solstice, Chanukkah, and Everything to Ya's!!!

Ups and downs. Took a good long swim this evening, then found myself tearing up there about my dad. It comes and goes. And I'm worried about Milli, who I took to the vet this morning concerning blood in her stool and losing some weight--will see what the blood tests have to say tomorrow. But having the day off from work, I took a glorious nap when we got home, with Saki for a pillow and Tuxie cuddling by my side.

Some good news yesterday is that my Mom's cancer markers, which were going up during Dad's ordeal, have gone all the way down. We'll celebrate that this weekend. And more good news is that I'm moving next month. Whee!!! My management called me last week to tell me they had a one bedroom apartment with a glass porch opening up in the building next to mine and offered it to me, and I took it. I'm going to take two overlapping months to move in--for optimum stress management (and because I still have delusions of working on my diss in the meantime). But a real apartment, finally!

The apartment's windows face woodlands on both sides and, most importantly, it has good closet space that pretty much quadruples what I have now. I am so looking forward to this. I'll be able to have people over again, finally, after 11 years in this lil stuffed efficiency. The porch is going to be a plant filled sanctuary--it lacks the southern exposure for flowers, but it should be fine for ficus and palms. And, if it's to Moo's liking, I may be able to keep the strays--Tuxie Proudfoot (thank you spookystoy) is already a totally happy house cat and adores Saki. There's room for them to work up a good run from the porch through to the living room, so it really is optimum feline apartment space. It's just a matter if apartment space is enough for Moo the Explorer. And if my management remains OK with it, which I'm hopeful of now. I got some good moving tips over dinner tonight with my local queer group--I just need to find movers by the end of January to lift the heavy stuff.

I decided to not even try to get holiday cards out this year. But I will get some packages out by new years because, you know, it would be really stupid to have to move them. Speaking of packages--thank you anneheart for the goodies and for brightening my day!

The days are getting longer now--yay!
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