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In your cup of tea . . .

. . . one lump or two?

While it was still cool this spring, Tuxie and Saki would curl up here in their matching fleece bagels. They went through a phase where he was her lil buddy following her every where--it was a Gilligan/Skipper type thing. They bonded during a phase when Moo was rejecting Tuxie. Now that Moo's broken him of the habit of being affectionate with her and weaned him, they now have a nice play-sparring relationship and do some zooming about chasing each other--I don't think they're even a year apart in age, so I think of the pair of them as the kids. Tuxie is a cat's cat and even has "I vant ot be alone!" Milli playing with him at this point. I usually wake up in bed sandwiched between Saki and Tuxie lumps.

Mr. Proudfoot is a long and lanky one year old cat now and our resident soprano. He's very elegantly beautiful when you view him from the back, because when you can't see the bottom of his paws, chin and belly, he looks like a satiny pure black cat. And of course, as I type this, he is looking up from grooming with his tongue hanging out. :-P

And . . . I just had to take a Tuxie-break as he just climbed into my arms for a few. On to Tuxie in his beloved condo:

We're going to the vet tomorrow for a toe in which he managed to pull out the claw and it is now coming in kind of sideways, so wish him luck!
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