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MOOving Right Along

You've seen her as a stray on the street.
Now see her as a fat, happy house cat.
Moo. Like you've never seen her before.

Moo divides most of her time between sitting on the porch looking out the window, sleeping among the foliage there, or sleeping in my room under the bed. These activities are punctuated by hourly forays to the never empty bowl full of light cat crunchies, seeking the human out to be carried and petted so she can purr and flex her toes with glee, or tearing around the place for a good game of tag with her kid Tuxie, and occasionally touching noses with him. She'd really rather that big, pushy Saki, who is always around the human, was not living here, and complains about that with frustrated hisses, but she gets along passingly with Milli because Milli gives her proper deference. She's a pretty easy cat.

She really hated that efficiency we were living in, and though she didn't object to staying in on rainy or icy days, she'd howl to go out on the other days, as I've mentioned before. I'm not sure if it was the smallness of the place, or the fact it was already colonized by Milli and Saki. While she stayed in the efficiency for the nights, she loathed Tuxie, who once inside never wanted to go out again, and I started to question whether I should try to place them in a home as a pair. She was continually hissing and striking out at him when he approached her--that's when he started bonding with Saki. In part she was going through the stage of weaning him, but I think she was also taking her frustrations with the living situation out on him, since he was a safer target than Saki and Milli.

Once we moved to the new apartment in February, she stopped crying to go out. One of the days the mover's were here at the end of February, she ran out the door and down the stairs, but once we scared her back in, she hasn't made an attempt on the door since, or even shown it any interest. We have foxes, and dogs, and coyotes, and scary people out in the woods around here--she seems to like keeping watch on her old haunts from her safe glass treehouse now. She and Tuxie play like littermates now. And once she came here and showed she was as content as Tuxie to stay inside, my feline family went from 2 to 4. I only regret it when I'm cleaning the litter boxes.(-;

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