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Here's the low down on BOLDTHROUGH'07 from metafandom and the purging of fan lj's.

Why this is a bigger deal to me than Strikethrough'07:

Not only is the art work of one of the purged LJ users very questionably (he looks anywhere from 16-25) depicting an underage fictional character, but this is exactly the kind of sexually explicit depiction burr86 said LJ would not go after--borderline teen/adult.

The other LJ user, who not only had a permanent account purged without prior notice, reports that the artwork in question was flocked and so she did do the courtesy of not putting it on display for wandering underage members of the public to encounter.

What makes this worse is that both LJ users were members of a fan community who had asked and welcomed LJ to review their community to help them devise guidelines that would suit LJ. To purge journals of their members after this request was made is low down dirty dealing.

Adding to the low down dirty dealings, LJ has changed the format of suspended usernames so the suspensions couldn't be immediately recognized by strikethrough's.

I do not see any reason why LJ, as a courtesy, couldn't inform users before such a purge to give them a chance to back up other writings and artwork that has importance to them, especially when what LJ is considering a violation here is on very shaky definitional grounds even within the laws of the US.

If this is the courtesy LJ is affording its users, after wasting our time with totally useless clarifications, then I'm seriously looking into other journal options now.

I do not think the depiction of fictional underage characters in artwork, that is not using photographs of real persons, and text should fall under any legal definitions of underage pornography. From the way they are handling this, I think it's a matter of time before LJ goes after fictional "of age" sexually explicit material.

Ah, a response from LJ; basically, the standards were "they didn't like the picture." Great.

My greatestjournal account is also lavendertook and I'll start transitioning over there when I figure out the open source code thing. I'm in the process of backing up and moving all my dear LotR and MESPT inspired sockpuppet accounts there as well.

I still have some things I want to say about the HP: D_D discussion on racism, and thoughts on DH, and more pic posts about my habitat, so not gone yet, but serious consideration of journal migration has begun for me because LJ's choices here are all very disappointing and disturbing.

ETA Some further thoughts I had on BoldThrough"07 here--are we dealing with sexism? Since all women are supposed to look like they are 16-25, is LJ's problem here with the depiction of a male as subject of a female gaze, and charges of underaged depiction being used to cover this, because adult male desire of 15-18 year old appearing females is regarded as normal, and even mandatory, not deviant in western culture?
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