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Fall at Greenbelt Lake-Part 3

My macbook died last week in the process of my trying to install a firmware update--one of those "only when you're unemployed moments"-- but the repairers were able to get it running without having to replace the logic board, which would have been beyond my budget and the macbook's worth. So I was very relieved to get it back, and hence, I have the ability to share more pics with you. I'm using Bingo's permanent LJ for pics I want to keep up because, unless our new corporate overlords make some changes that make me feel happier with LJ, I'm still not planning to renew my paid account when it expires in February.

All the leaves were down around here as of this week, but I still have more pics to show you from the first week of November. So back to the pretties at the lake:

I'll have one more post from the first week, then I'll take it a week forward.

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