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Snow to celebrate

Today is my dad's 80th birthday. He died a year ago yesterday. I'll never stop being angry about how our medical system failed him, and thinking he should by rights be alive today, but it did snow today, and snow is about setting things aside and celebrating the beauty.

It rarely snows this early around here, so I celebrated Dad's birthday walking around the lake in the snow, and it was gorgeous. I took pics of holly berries and geese, both covered with snow, and will eventually get some of those processed to show you. And it's the second night of Chanukah, so I've lit a couple candles for celebrating him as well. Here's a pic out my sun room window this afternoon:

Candles, myriad sleeping kitties, home made pizza bagels, broccoli with pesto raviolis, rose tea, new laundered sheets, books, endless projects, a working macbook, and warmth* are things of goodness.

Happy Chanukah, if you celebrate it, and be warm and comfy regardless.

*which is the summation of all those things, come to think of it-- the macbook by itself having been nicknamed by folks on apple boards as "The Oven," for many of them tend to run hot like this one.
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