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Flying Dream

So I remember a dream from last night.

I was showing seawings around a place--maybe my house in the dream, and had to talk to an OC friend. When I came back she was gone, but I thought it might be time for her friend Lisa (another off-stage OC) to pick her up, as she had mentioned. But then I looked to the right and saw seawings in the clutches of The Boss, who was starting to fly out a doorway or window with her, and 2 nondescript skinny girls, maybe a teen and child (also OC's) in tow. The Boss was not completely visualized and I think cartoonish, with a blue cape, broad shoulders and small masked head.

I think my self-commentary while the dream was still going on stated that he did not look like my ex-boss, so he may not be a representation of any particular boss, but he was definitely a representation of my unemployment resentment. Yes, I start psychoanalyzing myself before the dream is over--I was raised by a roving pack of psychologists and social workers, whaddya want?

So I started flying after the villain with seawings in tow as they gained height. BTW, seawings had put on her blue-grayish black wool coat, which I think she really has, before she was grabbed, 'cause its important to put on a coat before you fly. I, of course, was experiencing slow-motion chase syndrome, so I was not gaining on them, but out of the blue flew another OC wearing burgundy tights and a short gold-brown, maybe spotted, fur vest and hat with 1940's or 50's styled gold hair. She flew after them and grabbed ahold of seawings and the girls, which was all it took to free them from the Boss, who flew onward without stopping or even a "Curses!" or anything. I thanked the woman for rescuing my friends, and she was all smiley and sweet, even if her superhero fashion-sense was highly questionable.

Then I noticed seawings and the girls were plummeting down to The City below, as burgundy tights woman wasn't still holding them. I was trying to start to fly down to them, when burgundy tights woman noticed, went "Oops!" smiled, held up a finger, and swooped down to grab them. She waved up and smiled once she had a hold of them again and proceeded to take them down for a slow landing.

I then flew on in pursuit of the Boss. What exactly I was going to accomplish, since I couldn't fucking fly well enough to rescue my friends, I don't know, but on I went in pursuit, which was a cool ending, as I woke up.

Thank You Burgundy'n'Fur Lady, wherever you are!!!!

And I guess it's time I get in touch with seawings.
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