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Fall at Greenbelt Lake-Part 4

More pretty colors at Greenbelt Lake and a happy Eid-al-Adha to those who celebrated it this week. I like the reflections in this pic:

I will be happy to see the days start lengthening again next week. I spent my walk around the lake today in my head remembering the details of the dream I just posted about the entry before, speculating about The Hobbit sequel inclusions, and musing on Christine Delphy's theories, the latter two of which I will post about later. It's just been a little too dreary out for focusing on visual details, and I only just recognized a friend when I ran into her around the lake. I do have wonderful bright living room windows here when the leaves drop--just add sunshine--I'm waaaaaiting! Don't make me up my prozac intake, dammit! Until then, I'm enjoying my electric menorah--I broke my old one in the move earlier this year and was very happy to finally find a new one yesterday. And all my pretty xmas lights, that I don't like putting up unless I have my electric menorah up.

Happy Solstice this weekend to all who celebrate it!

And congratulations and good luck to the Lakota Peoples on today's declaration of independence.
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