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Sisterhood IS powerful, so stop fucking it up already!

Robin Morgan wrote an endorsement of Hillary Clinton and there are many points she makes that I completely agree with. But with more proof that whiteness can make otherwise brilliant women's brains rot, she tells us,

So why should all women not be as justly proud of our womanhood and the centuries, even millennia, of struggle that got us this far, as black Americans, women and men, are justly proud of their struggles?

Will this meme--that in order to understand feminist oppression and struggle, you must compare it to racist oppression and black civil rights work--just end? How many times do women of color have to say that this shit asks a woman to choose her left arm over her right leg--in this case asking a black women to see her arm as having something that her leg doesn't have? Experience matters, and when you are a white woman and make such comparisons, despite your best intentions, despite what other inclusive statements you make, you make the "we" of feminism a "white we" and you identify yourself with a feminism in which women of color are not at the center, but the margins.

By making this comparison in the above statement, Morgan's original "we," her "our" ejects black women as Other by the end of the sentence. We just went through this crap with Gloria Steinem. If Morgan hadn't been paying attention to what womanist and feminist women of color and white antiracist allies have been saying the last damn 30 years, feminist writers in newspapers, radio, and the blogosphere just posited a pretty good summary in response to Steinem's white blindness.

This compartmentalizing feminism is not my feminism. I wish these iconic white feminists--iconic for good work they have done--do some more thinking about their own whiteness and anti-racist ally work so they do not reinscribe their feminism with a white default. One's rhetoric does matter. Yes, one's rhetoric can be sophistry and lies, but it is also what we use to express how we see the world and reveal where we stand in relation to whom, and for whom, we are speaking. Who your "we" includes matters. A feminism that makes the baseline "we" white is not a feminism of liberation.

And I'm not blaming this crap on HIllary Clinton--she's not the one pulling this divisive shit. But Morgan isn't doing her favors here and she should know better by now.

Me, I'm going to comb through Clinton's and Obama's websites some more before deciding my vote next Tuesday. Or just do an AU write-in (I think my state allows write-ins) for Barbara Boxer, John Conyers, or Sheila Tubbs Jones.
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