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Milli Update

After getting Milli xrayed and finding she had a bunch of fluid on the lungs, the vet aspirated her thoracic cavity and removed 90cc of fluid. She sent off a sample to a lab and hopefully we'll know something Friday. Today, I'm taking her off the prednisone and putting her on antibiotics and salix. She lost 3 more ounces in just the last 2 days. Even though she has been eating a little better the last 2 days, it's not enough to keep up with how much she's burning with her lungs pumping so hard, and the steroids have done little to help with that.

The aspiration should have made her breathing easier, but it hasn't very much. She ate well enough this evening for me to get all her medicines in her, and I was really relieved she didn't balk at the Baytril in her food because it's a bit acidic. She's been spending the evening plastered beside me and laying like a wet noodle. Her breathing is better enough that she can rest on her side now. The problem is that when the poor thing gets relaxed enough she wants to curl her head over and lay halfway on her back, and that just makes her pant again.

So here's hoping there's an infection that the antibiotics will take care of or something that is treatable turns up from the lab report. She's enjoying eating and she's enjoying affection and brushing, but she's not going to last long unless we can get her breathing to ease. If it's cancer or something else untreatable, I just keep her until eating and affection aren't satisfying anymore, and then take her in for the peaceful way out of this life.

Saki has been a real champ at shouldering how Milli is getting all the attention and brushing and she truly deserves a medal for that, my cat of constant wanting.
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