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The surf is great at IJ!

"May?" We MAY criticize you? You damn well got that right, you mealy-mouthed fuckers. Yeah, LJstaff's really pissed me off this time, and it's migration time.

I've heard nothing but good things about Squeaky's handling of IJ, and with 100 icons for an unpaid account, their welcoming of fandom, and no bullshit, I can put up with the ads there and the stupid asylum theme. strangemuses says IJ took to the influx of thousands of GJ refugees without a hitch, so they're definitely doing something right thus far.

The only thing keeping me on LJ now is ya'll. The more of you I can woo over to IJ with me over time, the better. I guess I'll be double posting for the foreseeable future, but I'd love to move my main base over there now. Got to dig up my bookmarks for migrating tools and get my IJ running. Yay 100 icons again!

I just hate generating revenue for folks who do business like LJ is doing, and yes, we are generating revenue for them, even with basic accounts, by creating community. Even this post is helping them with that. I'd just like to see IJ overtake them. And if not Insanejournal, than another text-based networking site catering to epistolatory-types, but right now, IJ looks like the best bet.
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