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beckyzoole has called for a one day LJ strike.

The terms we're striking for are here.

Keep in mind the strike beings at midnight at the start of Friday March 21st GMT--that's for the UK. For those of us on EST it starts at 8:00pm, Thursday night, March 20th and for ya'll on the west coast of the US it starts at 5:00pm Thursday night, March 20th. You can find the starting time at the major city nearest you anywhere in the world here.

To participate in the strike, don't post, comment, or even open up LJ on your browser during those 24 hours, so that LJ gets no clicks. Come on, you can do it!

Honestly, I have no faith SUP can mend their ways, so this may be a useless piece of activism; however, it's not that hard to do, so I think it's worth a go.

Anyway, marta said El Jay Staff will be doing a post tonight to explain how censoring those LJ interests was a mistake. This ought to be good. *munches popcorn*

Me, I'm considering March 21st GMT to be


In that spirit, here's all the links you need to migrate your LJ to IJ and double post for ever after in order to use one or the other as your back up journal:

To set up a free IJ account go here.

To copy your LJ back entries to IJ use lj-sec or this migration tool created by antennapedia. These will copy all links, and your embedded scrapbook pics from LJ will show up there as well, but none of your comments--no one seems to have the technology for that yet.

Once you have all your back entries copied, you can now double post to both journals using Semagic. snapetoy has a tutorial on using Semagic here.

If you want to use OpenID in posting--this is a way to post to LJ without logging into it--go to mercurychaos's tutorial here.

Here's an interesting post on the state of LJ type platforms discussed at a conference. It's cool to see Squeaky, IJ's administrator, offer info on his intentions for IJ in a comment on that post here. I think I'm getting to really like Squeaky, so yay for a business I can happily support for now.
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