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Been out of commission

Will report about WISCON but got felled by the con virus 2 hours after getting home. All kinds of nasty projectile. Hours of bathroom cleaning fun while nauseous and weak. A day and a half in bed with fever.

Very happy cats, however, feeling well paid back for the days alone by having human properly in bed for two days.

Feel very, very lucky this didn't hit me earlier, especially in the airport or airplane, though it would have been someone else's bathroom or otherwhere's cleaning fun. *offers sympathies to anyone who experienced that.*

My uncle died yesterday. Still haven't gotten through the line to his spouse yet to offer support.

It was a wonderful con filled with my gorgeous peeps! Thank you organizers and volunteers all!

And yes, I saw copies of that nasty post *trying* to make fun of some of the really beautiful women and charming young'un's I met--*trying* being the operative term, and *failing* mightily--what were they thinking? Not much apparently.
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