Lavender Took (lavendertook) wrote,
Lavender Took

Not so bad

On a day when you can spend lunch bebopping to CJ Chenier and his fab Zydeco band with a cool breeze blowing through the tent on a not too hot day on the National Mall, that commute into DC doesn't feel so bad. That was good. I haven't been happy a lot lately, but that made me bouncy happy.

I work about a block from where the Smithsonian Folklife Festival is being held. Caught a little of Charles Thibodeaux's Cajun band as well, which was not as rocking, but I love hearing that Cajun French and wheezy yells. Tomorrow at lunch I'm going to stand in line to go inside the intricately painted Bhutanese Buddhist temple they built on the mall.

Which reminds me--several years ago, I volunteered at the festival and worked as a gopher for some amazing Burmese fruit carvers, embroiderers, and calligraphers. At the end of the day, the fruit carver gifted people with her day's handiwork, which looked much like what you can see down the page on this site here. Gorgeous stuff. And when she came to me, she handed me the beautifully, intricately carved, rose bedecked whole half watermelon. And I was traveling home on the metro. We're not talking about those little round shaped watermelons here--we're talking about the huge, oblong, fricking 20 pound hernia-inducing variety. I couldn't decline, of course. So there I was. I did hope that when I put it down to go use the porta-john, someone would swipe it, but it was there, each time I came back. So, it sat on my lap all the way back on the metro to Greenbelt. And it sat in my refrigerator for months. So that's my volunteering at the Folklife Festival story.

I still have to post about WISCON and whole bunch of other things, but yippee for a slow day at work and a yay-inducing lunchtime concert.
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