Lavender Took (lavendertook) wrote,
Lavender Took

Pirate day with Cap'n Saki

Cap'n Saki says:

Aye, ye scurvy dogs will be a'bringing me sever'l articles of yon gushy foods, or ye'll be walkin' the plank anon, ye will! What say ye, me fine scoundrels?

"Ye donna wanta make the cap'n angry, now do ye, lad?"

"And when the count is three, matey, I best not be seeing ye when I turn me about."

"Arrr, scritches under me chin be well 'n good, but if ye donna get this fucking hat off me head 'n fast, I be pissin' in ye bed right quick, if you understand me sayin'."
Tags: cats, holiday, pirates, saki
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