Lavender Took (lavendertook) wrote,
Lavender Took

Milk and Holding the Mormons to their word

I just went to see Milk and it was wonderful! Sean Penn played Milk very lovably. And everyone else had hobbit hair! Everyone else being white boys, and one white girl, all with hobbit hair! A couple of black women got to stand in the background with hobbit hair. The Asian man who got to be in the group didn't have hobbit hair. But I guess the racial and gender breakdown was pretty accurate for how that part of the Castro around Milk rolled.

I remember the 70's well, though, and I don't remember that many people with hobbit hair--I remember a lot of long, processed elf hair. But the whole cast looked totally adorable in their hobbit hair! How more right and you-just-gotta-love-us can you be? The actors looked very much like the people they were playing except for having more tightly permed hobbit hair. Very inspiring. Go see it!

I didn't come out until 1985, and though I had some fairly radical concepts in the 70's about sex/gender that I really didn't know were fairly radical at the time because I was mainly, like many a nerd girl, doing the token woman thing, I was very repressed on sexuality until I came out when I was 23. And my political awareness in general wasn't that great either until after I came out. So at the time, I was barely aware of all the events that were covered in the film, except for possessing a keen awareness that Anita Bryant was very annoying.

And speaking of queer groups that are all too often centered around the interests of the white male, well-to-do portion of the queer community, there was an email waiting in my inbox when I got home from the Human Rights Campaign that is seriously wonderful!

The LDS church, accused of funding and being the force behind the win for Prop 8, because it's true, has been claiming they aren't against gay rights and civil unions in response to any backlash against them. So the HRC is holding them to their word. They're asking the Mormon church to support civil unions in Utah. Perrrrrrrrrfect! You can sign onto HRC's request that they hold to their words here.

I love it! More of the in-your-face-ness that Milk was calling for from groups representing the LGBTIQ community now 30 years later, please!
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