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Digital Camera advice

I'm looking into getting a digital camera and was hoping some of ya'll could advise me, as I know very little. What I've been using for the pics I've been taking for my picfic and of the cats and my home is the isight camera built into my macbook--that's my only experience with a digital camera. It's murder finding any specs on the macbook camera, it's really made to be used as a camcorder for teleconferencing I think, video based, not photo based, if that made sense, so I can't use it for comparison in selecting a digital camera. I'm able to get still shots with it by using Photobooth.

What I'm mainly interested in a digital camera is the macro-mode for close-up shots of small things. I'm looking for a cheaper camera--the under $200 range or under $100 if I can get something decent for taking close-up shots. And I need something that is easy to plug USB into my macbook to use with iphoto.

However, if you know it makes a huge difference for close-up shots of the kind I've been doing here on LJ to get a camera that is a little more pricey than that, I can wait and save up, so please advise. However, since my main priority now is my latest mania for doing my picfic, I may not want too high a quality pic--fuzzing the edges a bit may give my dolls and miniature settings greater verisimilitude--the blurred vision effect that mechtild delightfully dubs the "elderly lover's friend." (-:

So in selecting a camera, what should I be looking for? As I understand it thus far, the quality of the optical/digital zoom and the amount of megapixels it gets won't make that much difference for macro use. Is that correct? Do you have a camera that is good at photo-ing small things that you recommend? Know any really great sales I should look into?

I'd be most grateful for any advice.
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