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Bring in the 2009!

I don't know what I'd do without ya'll! *hugs flist*

I guess I'd get on with things, but a lot less happily and healthily. I'm still better at commenting than making regular personal updates, I guess because I like focally addressing one person at a time better than a larger audience of people who I know, and who know me, to varying degrees and in differing contexts. So perhaps I can make a new year's resolution of trying to post more personal updates on LJ and IJ and addressing "the ya'll" more. Consider yourself forewarned that there will be more kitty pics, beach and woods pics, and hobbit pics and stories a plenty this year on this journal.

I still think of the danga platform journal network as Hope on the bottom of the Pandora's Box of our mobile culture's social atomization (not knocking the mobile part here). Being on the line between introvert and extrovert, and slightly more to the former,I find it a way of making and keeping contact that suits me well. I love that I have collected here friends I've known since my teens in NJ, my 20's in North Carolina, friends I made online and offline in my 30's and now in my 40's and new friends I'm getting to know. I came on LJ 6 years ago specifically for LotR fandom, and at a time when I was climbing out of the grasp of a major depression under which my academic pursuits suffered, and I found here the sustenance I needed to make my way up and onward. So here's to a new year of keeping on journaling, along with our other pursuits.

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