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The Energizer Bunnies of Racefail2009 . . .

. . .that would be Will Shetterly and Kathryn Cramer as evidenced by rydra_wong's links here. What we have here are sustained and relentless forms of derailment of a discussion on race and cultural appropriation in the form of petty and vengeful attacks, anything at all rather than consider that they are engaging in racist behavior and attempting to undermine the authority of POC to name their oppression by disappearing them from the conversation when dismissal didn't work. The heart of the matter is what browngirl says here:

. . . it's not Just Another Internet Fight. Mr. Shetterly and Ms. Kramer have taken these actions to dissuade people from disagreeing with them and those they support on the topic of racism in science fiction works and fandom. . . outing people's real identities or lying about who they are in order to stop them from discussing racism is wrong. Trying to dissuade people from discussing racism is wrong, not least in that it furthers racism.

You can also find the links to Avalon Willow's summary of prior events and rydra's full link compilation on browngirl's post above if you missed all that went down in these parts of fandom the past couple of months.

I'm so sorry for the crap these people are still putting coffeeandink, deepad, and vom_marlowe, in particular, through now.

I know it doesn't constitute a boycott, but for what little it's worth, I plan to never buy any book from which Cramer or Shetterly would reap the profits. I wasn't likely to buy anything ever of Shetterly's anyway, but Cramer's anthologies I might have--not now. I just don't want to promote these people in any way. So much for a peaceful snow day.

I'm hoping for good things to come from verb_noire press.
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