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That dreamwidth crossposter works like a charm--I'm impressed. I just set my DW journal to crosspost from DW to LJ and IJ without having to work with any client at all. It even crossposted the tags. The only extra step I need take is to edit my LJ and IJ entries if I want other than the default icon to show with the entry--if they can find a way to allow us to choose icons through the crossposter, then it will be perfect, but what it does so far is most of the way.

And the import function for reproducing my LJ worked without a hitch, as far as I can tell. The only lack is it doesn't import all the icons from the comments.

So the inter-operability functions of DW totally rules--which was one of the main differences from LJ they were hoping to achieve. Whether I consider my DW or LJ my main journal, I'm still backed up effortlessly to both, and IJ to boot, if I post from DW. So no one is forced to choose. I'm not leaving LJ--I'm just being in more places at once. And now I'll be updating my IJ too without extra effort.

In any event, you can find my dreamwidth account here where I'm happy to have many icons again, since I went with the premium. I haven't paid LJ in years because I haven't been happy with a lot of their choices since Brad sold it, so I've really missed having more than 6 icons. And though I can have a lot at IJ as well, not enough of my flist plays over there to make that satisfying. I'm hoping DW pans out enough for me to have multi-icon fun again. So if you have a DW journal and cross post with LJ, I'm going to want to comment on your DW entry with my full icon battalion in tow. I'd rather you comment to me on DW if you have a journal there for the same reason, but I won't be funneling comments on LJ and IJ to DW in the foreseeable future--I'm OK with being scattered--it's my usual state.

If you need an invite code to DW, I have some--just drop a note in my LJ inbox if you want one.
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