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TTT Symphony at Wolftrap

Some of my hobbit posse and I went to see the TTT Symphony at Wolftrap last Friday night and had a terrific evening.

I picked claudia603 up at the airport Thursday evening, soon followed by a yummy Indian dinner complete with mango lassi's. Much cell phone drama ensued as Ms. Claudia was sought after by one job opportunity after another--she will tell you more later. We spent the morning in, chattering away, eating cinnamon rolls, and paying court to Saki and Moo while Tuxie Feral Boy was deep in hiding, unconvinced Claudia was not a psycho killer yet, ruffian that she is.

In the afternoon, we took a walk around Greenbelt Lake, and then ancalime8301 arrived and we set out for Wolftrap. The ride was uneventful, except for my forgetting to bring the tickets--yeah. A moment of abject panic ensued, followed by my realizing that calling in with the credit card number might get us new ones issued, Claudia made that call, and it was easily taken care of--yay! I even got us there early--an event worth noting.

We got a prime parking spot, scaled a hill for which we could have used climbing gear, and preceded on to Wolftrap's on site open-air restaurant. We joined up there with mews1945, ninjamidget66, aprilkat and C, and happily feasted like proper hobbits.

Bingo and Sam were pleased with the dessert selection. They had been hoping to show off their new outfits to lbilover's Frodo and Sam, and were missing them as much as we were missing Frodo and Sam's chauffeur and wishing her well. Bingo was trying to reach Frodo on his cell phone, but couldn't get through.

The concert was totally flawless and perfectly in sync with the film. Cali, Claudia, and I sat center left orchestra with a fine view. Mews, Ninjamidget, Aprilkat, and C were sitting much closer to the front. There is a second screen on the back of the balcony shell for people sitting on the lawn to view.

The place was pretty full. And it was a nicely enthusiastic audience. They clapped at significant moments in the film, and even some not so significant ones, as well as for the soloists and particularly fine rifts.

You can see a little of the conductor's computer screen here, that Cali talked about in her report here. I wish I had been clued in to watch it--I'll know for next time. But I tended to get lost in the film as usual and had to remind myself to take in and watch the orchestra and soloists.

The soloists, a young fellow and a woman with an impressive range, both did a magnificent job. I loved her rendition of Gollum's song--I enjoyed her style more than the recorded version--and she was so cute with her hand motions as she acted out Gollum's part as she sang. (-: I wish I could have spotted bluepilgrim in the chorus--I still hope to hear her story of how that experience was.

Bingo and Sam climbed out of my purple bag o' hobbits during intermission for a stretch. They were quite enjoying the show.

My TTT Symphony Abstract Picture. This was a camera shot misfire, but I really like the result. I'm not sure if the purple there is my bag or the shirt of a woman in front of us, but there's definitely a concert program in the composition. I'm wondering if the silver is someone's Elvish pin.

We ambled happily down to the parking lot, only to discover, that despite the full house of concert attendees, I had parked my car unbeknownst right next to Aprilkat's car carrying the rest of our hobbit posse. We chatted until the park rangers, much to Claudia's glee, asked us hobbit ruffians to leave the premises. Being law abiding hobbits, mostly, we complied.

A post of what Bingo and Sam were up to the rest of the weekend, the G-rated parts anyway, while Claudia was visiting will follow.

And a very happy birthday to ninjamidget66!!!!
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