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NYC Hobbit Moot, Part 2

New York, New Yoooork,
It's a hobbity town!

Bywater's up and the Brandywine's down,
The Baggins live in a hole in the ground,
New York, New Yoooork,
It's a hobbity town!

On your left, frodosweetstuff's hobbits bring you the latest in Euro-Shire fashions. Next, my hobbits shared a tux for the big event, with Bingo still sporting his leather jacket. lbilover's hobbits bring you the rocking Frodo Stardust and the 'Shrooms with Sam decked out in a tux for the concert, and on the right, belleferret's hobbits went casual keeping the sporty spirit of the Shire for the evening.

So this is all a hobbit's eye view of the city from Top of the Rock, 68 stories up on Rockefeller center. You can see a pic of the hobbit wranglers and frolijah_fan_54, who treated us to the portrait, at belleferret's post here.

When we came down, we met up with the rest of our posse, had some dinner, and were serenaded by Frodo Stardust and the 'Shrooms, as the lead singer makes bedroom eyes at Sam who decides he needs all of honeyandvinegar's energy drink right then because he's not planning on missing making out in the dark with Frodo anything that evening. We then headed across the street to Radio City Music Hall for the big show, which will be the subject of the next post.
Tags: hobbit dolls, hobbit posse, nyc hobbit moot
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