Lavender Took (lavendertook) wrote,
Lavender Took

Setting Water on Fire

I love the little glimpses of reflected blue sky at the bottom of this picture, like sapphires gleaming from the bottom of the pool (or Feanorian lamps, or Frodolijah blue eyes.) Do click on it to see it better. This is still the turtle pond right where the path we came up merges with the path that circles the lake.

There will be many more ducks on the lake in the spring, mostly mallards, but always that one white duck, and sometimes a few wood ducks, and other kinds too, and several clutches of fuzzy lil ducklings.

Normally, this pool is muddy, algae covered, and kind of icky, so you'd never have reflections like this here, but this Year of the Mushroom and Cranberry's Revenge has brought in so much fresh water that it's looking more crystalline than I've seen it in the past 14 years I've lived in this town. On the next of these posts, we'll start going around the lake proper.
Tags: birds, greenbelt, nature, trees, woods
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