Lavender Took (lavendertook) wrote,
Lavender Took

Through the Trees

Now we're on the path going around the lake and you can catch a glimpse of it through these trees. There's a wider opening where you can see more of the lake, but I like looking out between these ivy-covered trunks. Ivy and moss always add a more primal and mystical touch to the setting, as does the late afternoon sun. There's undoubtedly some hobbits hiding among the undergrowth, watching for Elves to pass by.

I've seen some pretty sunsets through these trees.

The trees along this stretch of the path are towering, and wonderful to look up through. Unfortunately, there's some telephone polls running along this stretch, so you have to mentally edit out the telephone wires when you look up. There's a little swampy area at one point along here running to either side that is home to the large tropical looking leaves of skunk cabbage during the summer. And there's some ground cedar further up. I'm always scanning the tree boles for the perfect place for my hobbit dolls to hide from Nazguls. Some days you have the trail practically to yourself; other days its chock full of joggers, dogs and their humans, bicycles, baby strollers, and wanderers.
Tags: greenbelt, nature, paths, trees, water, woods
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