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Colors and Turtles Across the Lake

The focus isn't very sharp in these pics, but the colors are so vivid I figured I'd show them to you anyway. We started on the east end of the lake, and we're going along the northern shore and are nearing the west end now. Across the lake from this picnic shelter you can sort of make out the opening of the south branch or fork of the lake.

This was about our only really beautiful weekend in October with the leaves perfectly pre-peak before the clouds and winds and rain set in and pretty much browned out the peak of the turning. I prefer the pre-peak when there's still a good amount of green to set off the other colors, even if peak is a brighter show.

I think there were a few weekdays that were nice enough to catch some of the peak turning, but this fall was pretty much a wash out like the spring was. So I was lucky to catch this day. Though we could have used a few less clouds this day for more sunshine on the leaves and more blue behind them.

Again, we're looking toward the south fork of the lake opening out between these trees. And now, for just a moment, I'm going to take you across the lake and down that fork and back in time a month, to a weekend in September before the leaves were turning. lbilover, the turtle pics you wanted are coming right up!

I didn't see any turtles on the October afternoon I've been taking you through, but I got a couple of pics in September, and here is one. I cropped this pic so you can better see the 2 turtles sunbathing on the log near the bank. Be sure to click on it a couple of times to get it to full size and see the yellow stripes on their necks. I don't know if they're painted or red bellied turtles, or red eared sliders.

And here's another cropped pic of 3 turtles further out from shore, sunning themselves on a branch among the mucky algae covering much of the south fork this season. You can just see the head of the middle one sticking out in front of the branch, at least I think that's a turtle head. There's usually a few turtles hanging out around here, but the biggest gathering of turtles is usually in the wading pool where I showed you ducks and red reflected leaves a few days ago. These turtles are a few inches long, but I've seen a few on this lake that looked to be about a foot long. And please feel free to convert that measurement to hobbit toenails for the benefit of any hobbits reading over your shoulder.

And happy birthday to illyria_novia and cali_se!
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