Lavender Took (lavendertook) wrote,
Lavender Took

Leaves of Absence

I'm almost over this lingering, not quite ready for prime time flu thing. Still a little congested, but I went ahead and did my voice post for read_lotr_aloud here and here. And I got a lovely Paris post card from Frodo, Sam, and frodosweetstuff--thank you, you three! In other health news, I'm crossing my fingers that I just had menopause when I went through constant hot flashes the other week, because so far so good about period not showing up this week. If that was it, that would be so awesome--somehow I don't think I'll be let off that easy, though. On to the pretty trees . . .

Remember, you can click on any pic for embiggenment. Here's your sugar maple straight up, the colors all a memory now.

And now we salute our northern neighbors with fluorescent orange!

These are tree tops on the northwest bank of the lake.


A view of the southwest bank.

Next post, as we round the northwest corner of the lake, I'll take you through a wormhole to a parallel universe. It'll be fun.
Tags: greenbelt, nature, reading_lotr_aloud, trees, water, woods
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