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Hobbits on the Dock of the Bay: TTT Symphony and Claudia Moot Cont.

Thank you to delux_vivens and strangemuses for the lovely virtual snowflake cookies and to shirebound and romeny for the lovely holiday cards!

Finally,continues Bingo and Sam's adventures while claudia603 visited for the TTT Symphony Moot at the end of August. It comes to a close with a trip to Annapolis, MD on Sunday. We all walked around old town a bit and then decided to take a harbor cruise on the Chesapeake Bay.

Sam: I don't know about getting on no boat for to have fun, Bingo-love . . .
Bingo: Trust me, Sam, it will be quite romantic. And I promise to hold you tight the entire time.
Sam: Well, in that case, all right.

Bingo: SamSamSamSamSamSam . . . Sam is mine. I claim him.
Sam: Look at the way the glasses curl around his dear ear, all the more setting off the point of his ear . . . THE.POINT.OF.HIS.BEAUTEOUS.EAR. . . . *happy sigh*

Sam: I just don't like the way this boat pitches, my dear, and no mistake. It makes my foot fur stand on end.
Bingo: Well, if your foot fur is standing on end, my dear hobbit, then do hand me the lavender oil, and I'll massage it until it's laying down languorously still.

Sam: You'd do that for me, right here on this boat, in front of all these disapproving Big People, love?
Bingo: Right here. On this boat. For you. I would do that and more. For your pleasure and easement, my Sam, is the honey upon the comb of my heart. And I suppose your having the sexiest foot fur in all the Shire would be another factor to consider.

Sam: I love you, Bingo Bolger-Baggins.
Bingo: And I you, Samwise Gamgee.

Bingo: It's exhilarating, the wind, fore and aft, don't you think, Sam? Though I'm not sure if we ARE fore or aft here. Hmmm. So which of us, do you think is Leo, and which of us is Kate?
Sam: Look at his sable locks rippling in the wind, now showing and now hiding a delicate ear tip . . . *happy sigh* What's that, my dear?
Bingo: Oh, never mind. *pinches Sam's buttet*
Sam: Heh!

Then we drove out to Kent Narrows and had a wonderful dinner at the Crab Deck Restaurant right on the bay.

Bingo: Well, this looks like a choice inn. I think I might call Merry on my cell phone here while we wait for our meal, if you don't mind, Sam?
Sam:You go ahead, my dear. But you've picked quite the seat for your sweet buttet, and I'm going to keep an eye out, lest some trouble maker mistakes the sugar above for the sugar below, if you take my meaning . . .

Bingo: MushroomsMushroomsMushroomsMushroomsMushrooms . . . !!!!!!
Sam: He's so . . .MUSHROOMS! . . .cute, . . . MUSHROOMS! . . . when he's . . . MUSHROOMS! . . . craving mushrooms . . . MUSHROOMS! . . . Coming right up, love!

After we ate, we walked out onto the pier by the restaurant and enjoyed the sunset over the bay.

Sam: It's so peaceful right here on the bay . . .
Bingo: OooOOOoo, I shouldn't have eaten all those mushrooms . . . Yes. Sam-love, very peaceful.

Sam: Boats aren't so bad after all, Bingo-love. They're right lovely to look at, too, sitting here on the dock. It makes me think of Earendil getting on board Vingilot and setting sail with the Silmaril. Elwing, just loving him, flying above. And here on the bay at sunset, just you and me.
Bingo: Oh, I think I'm going to be sick. MmmHmmm.

Bingo: *burp*
Sam: He has the most adorable burp . . . *happy sigh*

I do think Bingo was feeling better by the time we got home because he hauled Sam off to bed like a hearty hobbit, all right. And we didn't hear a peep out of them when we got up, so we let them sleep while I took Claudia to the airport for her homeward journey.
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