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Tree-lined Path

Happy Chanukah!!!

I skipped over photoing the southwest branch this round, and now we're on the south side heading east and back to where we started. The last of the afternoon sun lights the trees on this part of the path. There are some houses off to the right side, so it's not quite as secluded as the view looking toward the lake suggests.

Here I've turned around and am looking back westward again. Is that a hobbit leaning against the tree?

This pic was very fuzzy, but I liked the colors, so I've sharpened it to the point that the pixels are breaking down and giving it sort of a paint-by-numbers look.

I ran into A., the cat rescue worker again today, and she thinks the old covered booda litter box I have will make a fine shelter for Ostra and Bridget. They definitely made use of the ones she put out for them in the past. So I got a child's sleeping bag and a fleecy blanket for padding at the thrift shop this evening (I have catnip spray to make it more enticing), and tomorrow I'm going to work on waterproofing it better and then bring it out to the garage and find a good place to wedge it. I'm trying to think of what's small and very heavy to put in it to help keep it from blowing over in high winds--if you have any suggestions, please let me know.

Bridget was eyeing the inside of my car when I left the hatchback open this evening, so it might not be so hard to trap these two again if a home ever turns up for them. A. trapped them a couple of years ago to spay and release them--there's a lot of cats who can count on regular meals in the area because of her. Hopefully, this litter box shelter will up the quality of these pretty sisters' lives a little bit for a while, until someone wanders off with it. If it lasts until spring, I'll be very happy, and it will have done its job.
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