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So the excitement this week was waking up early Wednesday morning with severe congestion blocking my breathing and then I coughed up some blood. Oh noez, I haz comsumshun! I'm going to die a diva's death!! Who knew? It wasn't very much blood, and I had a slight nosebleed, so figured it was probably just a sinus rupture, but it was still a little scary and I figured I was going to need to go to the emergency room just in case. I decided to call my doctor's office first to try their emergency number, and my doctor actually answered. That gave me new respect for her. She said it sounded like a bronchial infection, told me to get some mucinex, and come see her for an afternoon appointment.

So I called in to work--there went my one leave day--dressed and went out to CVS for the mucinex, which really helped and cleared my breathing. The doc confirmed it was a bronchial infection, and prescribed antibiotics and an inhaler. Plus my period started that day and I was pretty intestinally messed up, so it was a good day all round to stay home.

Getting my medicine was another adventure. I dropped off the prescription and they said it would be an hour to fill it, which was fine--I went and got groceries and came back over an hour later, waited behind one other customer for half an hour at the drive through window, and then after another 20 minutes or so waiting at the window was told they couldn't find my order and they would need ten minutes to fill it. I waited 15, then hit the buzzer. My audacity obviously pissed off the clerk, who would not respond, and I hit the buzzer a few more times every couple of minutes, and then, completely pissed off, I grabbed the deposit box and slammed it in and out a few times. The pharmacist came and yelled at me and then told the clerk to give me my prescription that was sitting on the counter, and she did. I slammed the box again for good measure. Yay for acting-out working!!! Elsewise, who knows how much longer I would have been waiting there. But really, this is a pretty typical customer service interaction for the DC area.

I've been having a lot of headaches and leg aches the past couple of weeks and with all the weird weather, and crummy world events and SCOTUS rulings, so yeah January pretty much sucked. But January and February are the armpit of the year, so not surprising.

After sending a holiday card, I heard back from a friend in Chapel Hill, who was my roommate for a couple of years and a good friend, though terrible at keeping up long distance, and her letter was so sad--her partner of about 20 years had died the year before at 58 from medicine complications in treating her debilitating arthritis. I called her and she sounded a lot better than she was when she wrote the letter, and that was a relief. I hope I'll be able to take a long weekend to go down and visit her in March or April.

In cat news, Saki is taking her thyroid medicine just great. I put it in a little ball of cheese spread and give it to her before her meal and she looks forward to this treat. The old cat hollow that developed in her haunches is now filling back out, which is good to see. And today I drove out to the metro garage to dig out the stray kitties, since we got 5 inches of snow yesterday. I saw kitty tracks in the snow, so they made their way out of the sewer already to get the food A left for them, but I dug out paths where I found their tracks, cleared a path to the kitty smial (which I've dubbed their summer cottage because they only stay in it, rather than the sewer, when the temp goes above 40) and cleared snow off the wall they jump to go into the garage, as well as the ledges around their feeding area. And they came running to greet me. Ostra was willing to sit and eat food within a foot of where I was sitting, so progress continues.

I took the opportunity of being home sick during business hours to go to my apartment management's office and put down the deposit to reserve the guest room for our TTT Moot in September. I reserved Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and I'm sure I'll be able to add Sunday or more if anyone wants to stay longer.

So that's some of what's been going on, though so much of what I want to do is not getting done. I hope we'll all have a better February.

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